San Jose, California Realty

Investing in San Jose realty could be one of the best decisions you ever make, particularly right now.  The San Jose realty market is definitely primed for buyers – prices are low and there is lots of realty inventory from which to choose.  However, values of San Jose realty remain high by comparison to many realty values throughout the country, and that’s not all – San Jose realty values are also expected to climb as the nationwide realty market recovers.

If you are viewing San Jose realty from more of an investment perspective, you have definitely made a wise choice of location.  For one thing, the office real estate market in San Jose is in need of some new stimulus, and rents per square foot are at an all-time low.  If you’re interested in renting office space to start-ups, San Jose realty, with its proximity to business giants like EBay, Facebook, and IBM, is a fantastic location to consider.  A fairly strong system of public transportation, in the form of the Caltrain, from San Francisco to San Jose means that local companies can take their pick of potential employees from all over the Bay Area while enjoying lower overhead costs than they would experience in San Francisco.  It also means that San Jose realty can benefit from the presence of commuter employees who may, over the long-term, wish to settle permanently in the San Jose area. 

If you’re more interested in the residential angle of San Jose realty, keep in mind that the Federal Housing Administration recently decided to allow residential house-flipping for a little while longer.  This doesn’t just mean more freedom for investors and redevelopers – it also means that more renovated and remodeled homes could boost property values throughout the San Jose realty market.

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