San Jose Homes for Sale

Anyone on the hunt for San Jose homes for sale has probably noticed that market conditions are extremely favorable, both in the area and throughout the country.  For starters, home prices are almost absurdly reasonable no matter where you’re looking, and interest rates, though they’ve started to climb a little bit in recent weeks, are still at record-lows.  While this trend is not specific to the Bay Area, it has special significance for homes for sale in San Jose.

The property values of homes for sale in San Jose have historically been extremely high relative to the nation as a whole.  Naturally, the value of homes for sale in San Jose is expected to rise as the real estate market recovers – though these home prices may never reach their astronomic heights of the dot-com boom, when the median price of a home for sale in San Jose was estimated at around 700k. 

Of course, compared to national average home prices, homes for sale in San Jose had and have almost always had a strong advantage.  Partly, of course, this was due to the never-before-seen economic boom that engulfed the entire area during the early 2000s.  Economic booms come and go, however, and homes for sale in San Jose have certainly seen some ups and downs. 

Fortunately, homes for sale in San Jose and the Bay Area as a whole have never been strictly reliant on industry or economic trends for their values.  What really makes homes for sale in places like San Jose and San Francisco valuable is: intangibles.  The Bay Area has long been known for its high quality of life standards – a mild climate, rich historical past, environmental awareness, strong sense of community culture, etc.  Even better, big cities and national parks coexist within very short distances – whether you’re looking at homes for sale in San Jose or San Francisco, the whole area is yours to explore.

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